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Selling On Amazon

Week 9 - How consistency is what makes or breaks your Amazon business

Video Transcript (unedited):

Hey everyone, Matthew Osborn here for the week nine update of The 100 Book challenge. I can't believe it, but there's less than three weeks, less than four weeks, less than four weeks left to go and the challenge, today's update will be pretty quick. We'll get into the numbers real fast and let you know the revenue up until this point.

Alright, so week nine turned out to be a pretty average week numbers were a little bit higher than we ate. I listed exactly 100 books I was touched more difficult to get books this week that just happened sometimes. I had to go to a few more sources to get the hundred books and ended up running 200. But total valuation was $1,840 with the estimated profit being 800. And no Yeah, $813 average list price $1,840.

And the average cost access to the lowest it's been I got a lot of books from libraries this week, which is $1 and 29 cents. So all the numbers are pretty average. I wish the profit was a touch higher, still went out and got the hundred books sometimes you can't really decide how profitable the books you get are. But total revenue up to this point last week it was $3,200.

This week, it's just over $4,000 not unprofitable. I said profit second go. But in revenue, total revenue for the challenge. Next week, I'll get my listing spreadsheet back out the listing spreadsheet the tracking spreadsheet back out and show you how much of that is actually profit. I'll be doing repricing in the next day or so and so hopefully I'll have a little spike in revenue over this next week or at least for a few days. this coming week. So that's my numbers really quick update don't need to go on long this time. So I hope you guys had a good week night of scouting and I hope you finish up the week strong and I hope none of you guys sick whatever I have. It's been staying with me for a while now. So hopefully next week I can say that is gone as well. But good luck scouting in week 10!

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