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NuPrice Amazon Repricer Review

In this post I'd like to introduce you to a brand new Amazon repricer called NuPrice. Nuprice is different for other repricers in that it uses your local computer to reprice your inventory and display all of the information you need to make an informed repricing decision within seconds. It also allows for single click repricing without the need to physically type in a price.

Before we dive into a review of NuPrice, let's first talk about why it was created in the first place when so many Amazon repricers already exist on the market.

Automated API Repricing

Automated Amazon API Repricing
API based repricing is quick but has blind spots.

Normally, repricers use Amazon's API to make calls for each product in your inventory and Amazon returns to them the pricing information for that specific book. The issue with this is that the information Amazon returns is limited to the lowest 15-20 offers. This means that if you are trying to be competitive with other FBA offers and there are more than 15 merchant fulfilled offers lower than the first prime price, your repricer won't be able to see any of the prime prices.

This is the case in 86% of all books currently ranked under 3 million on Amazon. This mean that 86% of the time your repricer is repricing your inventory without viewing a single FBA price.

Manual Amazon Repricing

Manual Amazon Repricing
Manual Amazon repricing offers full visibility but is time consuming.

Another option you have aside from paying monthly fees for an API repricer with blind spots on 86% of your inventory is to reprice all of your Amazon inventory manually. This method gives you full visibility into each product and you can see all of the offers every time to make the most educated pricing decision possible.

The biggest issue with this method of repricing is the time it takes to reprice each item manually (especially as your inventory grows). The normal work flow would look something like this:

Click product link within your manage inventory page > view merchant fulfilled offer > check box to view FBA offers > view Keepa graph > navigate to product information page to see used buy box > back to manage inventory page > manually type in your new price > click save > move on to reprice next item.

As you probably already know, manual repricing is a headache and unless you only have a couple hundred items in inventory, isn't feasible for most of us.

The NuPrice Alternative

NuPrice Alternative
The NuPrice Alternative

And thus, NuPrice was born. NuPrice is the sweet spot between manual repricing and automated repricing. You get the full visibility and lower cost of manual repricing, without the blind spots and higher costs of API repricing.

Let's take a look at what the tool looks like and how it operates.

Developed for Windows and Mac

NuPrice Developed for Windows and Mac
Developed for both Windows and Mac (Apple) computers

NuPrice works on both Windows and Mac computers for easy repricing.

The Information Row

In the images below you can see each point of the information display within the tool. Let's break down each item and how it can help you quickly understand the exact product you are repricing.

In this first image, you can see it displays your custom SKU. This is the SKU you created when you listed your item on Amazon. You can sort by SKU simply by clicking on the top of the SKU column.

Amazon SKU
Amazon custom SKU column

The next block of information contains your product title, fulfillment method (merchant fulfilled or fulfilled by Amazon), the item condition, as well as a link with the items ASIN for quick viewing on Amazon if desired.

Product title condition and ASIN
Product title, fulfillment method, condition, and ASIN

After that we see one of my favorite bits of information, the "Days In Inventory" number. This number displays the days that current item has been sitting in your inventory. If your anything like me, you hate doing the math in your head when looking at a date to see how long that item has been in your inventory. I personally have rules for products that have been in my inventory 180 days vs 365 days and so on.

Having the ability to not only see this number but sort your products by it allows you to reprice your oldest items first and then dispose of items that you no longer want.

Days in Inventory
Days in Inventory Calculator

The following piece of information you see if the current rank of the product (soon to be eScore). The rank is color coded specifically for book sellers to give you a quick idea of the sales velocity for that specific product.

Ranks between 0-1.5 million are green, 1.5-3 million are orange, and 3 million and up are red.

Sales Rank Indicator
Sales Rank Indicator

Next up you will see your current price listed. This is what the product is what your product is currently priced at within Amazon. This number can be edited manually by clicking it and typing in any number you want.

Amazon Current Price
Amazon Current Price

At the far right of the information row you will see the symbol for a chart. This chart is currently linked to Keepa and can be see by simply hovering over it with your cursor. If you have an active Keepa subscription you will be able to see the green rank indicator. Although, we will soon be replacing this chart with a custom chart removing the need to pay a monthly fee for Keepa.

Keepa chart/graph icon
Hover your cursor over the chart icon to instantly see a Keepa graph.

The Pricing Column (where the magic happens)

Now that we've covered the information row, let's talk about the pricing column (where the magic happens). When you first load NuPrice this section will be blank and include a single "Reveal Current Prices" button at the top.

reveal current prices
Reveal Current Prices

By clicking the "reveal current prices" button you can instantly load the first 5 merchant fulfilled prices, Amazon FBA prices, and the new and used buy box prices. Since this is using your computer to look up each of these values, there are no blind spots. If an FBA price exists, you will see it, regardless of how many merchant fulfilled items there are.

In addition you will see the current New Buy Box and Used Buy Box if they are visible to the user. If the new or used buy box is suppressed by Amazon, you will simply see "SUP".

Each item that is loaded will also display the condition of that particular item.

Mf, FBA, and new/used buy box
MF, FBA, New Buy Box, Used Buy Box.

The process of viewing all of these prices manually would take minutes. With NuPrice you are able to load and view all of these prices within seconds. Although, that's only part of the magic.

Now that the prices have been loaded, if you want to match one of the prices all you need to do is click it once and the software will automatically reprice your item. No type-ins necessary!

After your item has been repriced it will show the current price as blue and add an indicator as to when the item was repriced on the far left. This will keep track of when each product was last repriced so you can work through your inventory while knowing when each item was last repriced.

item repriced
Item Repriced

Additional Filters

Seeing your product information and available pricing is important, but how do you filter and sort your products? Great question! You can easly sort your items by clicking on the column headers within the information rows.

For example, if you want to sort by SKU or by Day in Inventory, simply click the header to sort up or down.

If you'd like to filter your products, you can can either type in a partial SKU into the search box or click the additions filters button. There you will be able to sort by date, price, or fulfillment method.

Additional Filters
Additional Filters


NuPrice has two options, a monthly plan or a yearly plan. The monthly plan starts at $14.95 and the yearly plan is $129. For a limited launch special you can get locked in at a yearly rate of $99.

NuPrice Pricing
NuPrice Pricing Plans
NuPrice Launch Special
NuPrice Launch Special

NuPrice Review Summary

NuPrice is the simple Amazon repricer. Plain and simple. It will give you the flexibility of manual repricing while maintaining more of the speed that typically comes from automated repricing. If you want to test it out you can download it at

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Matthew Osborn
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