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Selling On Amazon

Week 8 - Is it possible to build a 10k Amazon business in 12 weeks?

Video Transcript (unedited):

Hey everyone, I'm Matthew Osborn and this is my week eight update of the 100 Book challenge.

All right, so if you started to wonder but challenge back when I did, there are a little over a little over four weeks left. And the challenge from right now and week eight or the end of week eight, which is an exciting thing. But it's also a little bit of an excuse scary thing. So the exciting thing for me, because at the very beginning, I was very unsure if I was able to get 100 books a week, just go into libraries and bookstores.

But as you know, I've been able to do that every single week. So I'm excited for that I've stayed consistent, I've been able to get the books I've listed the books, and sales have started to come in, which is a very good thing for me to be able to say I've stayed consistent, but it's also little scary because you know, my goal is at $10,000 in revenue by the end of this challenge. If you've seen my numbers, you know, that's very unlikely to happen,

which I knew was unlikely when I started the challenge, even getting 100 bucks a week, it was going to be pretty unlikely to hit that goal, especially because the way the calculator spreadsheet for the challenge work starts estimating sales starting week two. But in reality, you're not going to be shipping those books off into the end of the week one,

so they're not going to start selling until about the middle of week three, I knew already, I'd be a week behind in sales from what the sheet would tell me. Now, the good thing is that I'm not worried at all about hitting the $10,000 revenue mark. A few weeks after that, I know that's going to happen. And even better than that, I'm very sure I'm going to hit that $10,000 profit mark, which is the biggest reason for doing this challenge and the most rewarding part. But in a year's time, just from the books I've listed through this challenge, as long as I remain consistent for the rest of these four weeks, sounds exciting. And as always stereo, we'll see what the revenue numbers actually are the end of this challenge. But let me show you my numbers real fast for week eight. And then I'll get into my current revenue numbers up until the end of week eight at the challenge.

So weekend, it was the week that I was the sickest that's the week, family in town and all that good stuff going on. So I wasn't expecting to actually even hit 100 books this week. But luckily I was able to I was actually able to do it in three days, I spent 10 hours, it was about three little over three hours. Each of those days, came back with 106 books. And as fate would have it if last week was my biggest week yet as far as books like art and profit. This week, of course is going to be my smallest we get so out of 106 books total list price of 1755. And estimated profit was six at for making the lowest week. But I don't care about that. I did it in three days, I got the hundred books, I reached that point I stayed consistent,and its profit nonetheless is putting me closer towards that goal.

So the numbers weren't great, but I still hit 200 books. So I'm happy with that. So my revenue at the end of week eight was 3000, a little over $3,400. And I am cash flow positive. Now that happened. I believe the end of week seven, I finally became cash flow positive. I was profitable. I think it was somewhere from week five or week six, but finally became cash flow positive.

In the end of week, seven day, beginning of week aid, something like that. So revenue is slow down a little bit. Sales always go up and down. There's a really high sales week a couple weeks ago. It's dipped down a little bit since then. But think some books went active

just a couple days ago and I made a spike in sales again because a lot of books went active because it should have been shown up. So sales always go up and down. I'm still happy with this number. My turn rate is still extremely high, which is good. This didn't carry on the momentum. And hopefully the sales will continue to climb. So $3,400 I'm happy with so far, and I'll let you know what it is in week nine. So just a quick update for week eight. I hope your guys's week nine goes well and I'll fill you in on what happened for me next week.

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