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Selling On Amazon

Week 5 - How much it cost to buy 500+ books to sell Amazon FBA

Video Transcript (unedited):

Welcome back to week five of the 100 Book Challenge. If this is your first time joining me on this channel, check out the link below for the Wonder but challenge com to see how you can start your own challenge. But for those of you that have been with me since the beginning, this is week five, and we have little less than eight weeks to go before the challenge is complete.

This week has been one of the toughest for me as far as days I was actually able to get out and source but I came back with 105 books still. We'll talk a little more about the numbers for that and how that all played out. We'll also talk about revenue up into this point to how much it cost at this point. And what's the total amount that I've invested in the books I bought in the first five weeks of this challenge. So stay tuned for all those in this update of 100 book challenge.

This week was the toughest yet as far as my schedule

When the first two days I had to take care of my baby because my wife is working in our daycare stuff fell through for this last week. So those two days were gone. Easter, nothing was open. And then the fourth day I did go out but only came back with four books. So I'm not really counting the fourth day. So this week, I really only sourced for three days. But luckily, I still came back with 105 books. And even though it was the worst week as far as how many days I went out, it was the best week as far as how much time I spend total time from sourcing all the way through listing the books and getting them all boxed up was about 10 hours, the least amount of time I've spent up to this point and I still got the hundred books that I needed. My accept rate was a little over 5% so it was the highest accept rate that I had the downside to it was at the numbers for this week are the lowest they've been as far as the profitability of the books. The good thing is that I'm not worried about it because the first few weeks, I had a lot of higher numbers than I was anticipating this week's a little lower than I was expecting, but it wasn't horrible. list price total was 1900 this week, and the total profit estimated profit was $780. Now I really want that profit to be preferably around 900 to $1,000, minimum.

So, profit was a little bit lower. But like I said, I had more than the previous week, so I'm not too worried about it. And then finally, by cost average by cost this week was $1 and 25 cents, which is lower than it's been in any prior week. So at least I spent less since the profit was a little bit lower. But the average sales rank for all the books that I listed this week was the high 300. So very low average sales rank most these books should hopefully turn really quickly. And I can get this money hopefully a lot faster than some of the other weeks, the profit that was projected. So hopefully I'll see that number back in my bank account sooner than later. Even though it's a lower number revenue up to this point is been $1,221. That's from the first five weeks now even though I've

Listed somewhere I think it's around 550 books total, only around 300 of those books have actually gone active in inventory so far, I've still got that one box from week to held up and receiving that I'm trying to get figured out. All of this week's box were just sent out and only one box from last week has arrived and is actually active inventory. So 300 books been active and 62 units have sold, then the cost up to this point has been 1078. The cost has been a little higher that I was hoping for an average down to dollar 99 cents for all the books that I've gotten up to this point. But that just because some of the sources I've been going to have a little bit higher cost books. So the cost of the books has gone up from where I originally wanted it to be. But $1,221 has really just taken off. You remember last week the total revenue is only $666. So it's a lot higher this week and actually Easter

Easter day I was expecting to be a little lower and sales normally holidays tend to be a little lower in sales. But I logged on late at night right before I went to bed and saw that I had the biggest sales day I've had up to this point, somewhere around $360 on Easter, and then it's slowly gone down from there, but a lot of had happened in a single day, which is really cool to see, especially when a lot of those books started going active. That's when the sales started picking up. So hopefully these books will keep going active. And that number will keep raising an increasing rate. So we can get close to the goal of $10,000 by the end of this 90 Day Challenge. I'm happy with the revenue so far. I'm happy with how the pace is picking up. I was a little slower than I was hoping it'd be at the start. But now these books are starting to go active. That number is climbing very quickly. And so I'm hoping they'll keep that momentum and get me closer to the $10,000 mark and hoping to be by the end of this challenge. So thank you for joining me for the week five update of The 100 Book Challenge, please leave any questions you have for me on the comments below; anything you want to know about these numbers or about your numbers. I'd be happy to talk about it. Good luck scouting and week six and I'll be talking to you guys again soon.

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