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Selling On Amazon

Week 4 - How much revenue can be made in 4 weeks of selling books on Amazon FBA

Video Transcript (unedited):

If you've been following along since the beginning, this is the end of week four of the 100 book challenge. This is my favorite update yet because we're to talk about, 1, how much revenue I have made selling books on Amazon for the first four weeks. 2, what's the biggest thing affecting the amount of revenue coming in? And then finally, 3, to actually hit 100 books in week four of this challenge. All of that will be answered in this update of the 100 book challenge.

Okay, so some quick numbers before we jump into revenue, week four, I scanned 3100 books, which is the lowest up to this point. If you remember week two, I almost got 8000 scan. So I'm much happier with 3100 scans. And also I think week one and we turn my lowest accept rates online just barely 1% this week, I got 4% except right. So I'm

extremely pleased with the amount of books I scan compared to the amount of books that I was able to take home this week. So out of those 3100 scans, I came home with 123 books, the most books that have actually come home with for the first four weeks of this challenge. So the total list price this week was 2126, which is lower than it's been, and then profits been a lot lower this week. $881. The books I brought home this week just weren't quite as profitable. But they were did have a lot higher East score and a lot lower sales rank. So hopefully all the books that are brought in this week will sell a lot faster. And I can get that profit back quicker than when some of the books I posted in weeks prior. And then the average by cost. This week was a lot lower than hadn't before. Last week. It was up to like $2 and 40 cents of book this week. It came in at about $1 and 57 cents book, spend a little less money took a little less time got a lot more

Books, which is exactly what I want to do. Hopefully next week, I can find a little more profitable books. But I'm still happy with this week's results, the profit guys, little on the low side compared to what I want it to be. This is the very, very bottom of what I want to see for a week, if I want to have any chance of getting close to my $10,000 goal by the end of the 90 days want to get that number back up to where it has been in the past few weeks. So let's talk about revenue now. So the first four weeks of the challenge is the end of the fourth week. My total revenue up to this point is $666. Now there's been a few things that have held up my revenue from getting higher than that that I was expecting when I initially started the hundred book challenge.

The first thing is to take into account is that it takes a while to ship books right so the end of the first week, when I ship those books, they didn't actually arrive until closer to the end of the second week. And then likewise the second weeks books to then arrive until close

End of the third week. So even though it's ended the fourth week, my first and second weeks books have arrived at the warehouse. So week three should arrive any minute or any day now, hopefully today, since I shipped them about a week ago. And then of course week for his books won't arrive until next week. But I did have one box that held up from I believe it was the second week. I think I shifted on the 12th. It arrived really, really quickly on like the 15th at the warehouse, and then it's been in receiving ever since then. So I have 45 books sitting there and receiving since the 15th. And it's now the 30th day. So it's been sitting in their warehouse. I have no idea what it's been doing. But the reason I say that is I've actually only had 160 something books go active in my inventory from this challenge. So out of only having 160 books active in this challenge and selling 36 books with a total

books are sold to reach that $666 revenue. I'm pretty happy with that it's around 25% I think 25% of the books that I sent in ish have sold in about two weeks, which is really, really good. It's higher turn rate than I was expecting. I want to keep that turn rate. That would be awesome if I was able to keep that.

So I'm happy with the pace The books are selling out, I'm just not happy with how fast they're being processed by Amazon. I'm really hoping I can get the receiving box, put an active inventory. Hopefully today or tomorrow, all of last week's books will be put into active inventory. And then all the books this week have just been sent off. So next week, those will be in there. So hopefully in the next three to four days, I should have about 150 more books become active and inventory, actually even a little higher than that. Which will be good, then hopefully we can get the revenue number a lot higher to get closer to our goal that we want to reach by the end of 90 days. So that's it

Those are my numbers. For the end of week four of the hundred book challenge I am working on some potential relationships that can help make it a lot easier for me to find books for the remainder of this challenge. But until I get anything set in stone, I'll wait to share any of that. But the biggest thing I'm happy about is consistency I've able to I've been able to consistently find 100 books if you remember from the very intro video to the whole entire 100 book challenge. I was a little nervous about being able to go out to extra libraries and thrift stores and come away with 100 books every single week. And it's been a little easier than I thought it was these past two weeks the way I've been doing it with the new looking at the sticker look at the last video of Euro I'm talking about looking at the sticker and only scanning those books has been a big help. I was taking quite a long time to scan 1000 book is tape books is taking a lot less time to scan 3000 something books and hopefully I can keep getting that even lower. But I've gone over the mark so I have some wiggle room now if I happen to hit a week where I'm not able to get 100 bucks.

This week might be one of those weeks, we had some daycare stuff fall through. So I've been taking care of the baby for the past two days. So I've not found any books at the start of week five yet. So I'll be trying to play catch up in four days to find the hundred books. So we'll see if I'm able to make those numbers but I do have some wiggle room since I've found over 100 books the past three weeks or past four weeks.

So it's looking good, I'm happy with the consistency of hoping to keep that consistency up then get those revenue numbers a lot higher. Once those books start being active in Amazon finally. So hope you guys have a good week five of scouting and I look forward to talking to you then.

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