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Week 11 and 12 - How to source and list 100 books quickly

Video Transcript (unedited):

Hey everyone, Matthew Osborn here with week 11. And week 12 update of the 100 book challenge. I missed a week and I was a week behind. So I'm putting these two together. So here are my numbers for week 11 and week 12.

Okay, so before you take a peek at the numbers behind me, even though you've probably already looked a lot of them. Last week, Caleb and I were at the turn the page book conference in Venice Beach, California. And we had done a week 11 update there that I plan on posting, we're over here in Venice Beach, California out here for the turn the page book conference, I'm just giving you a quick update for week 11 of the hundred book challenge, except the mic is a little bit too windy outside, so you probably wouldn't have appreciated the audio in that. So, I'll be doing the week 11 and week 12 update together. And showing the numbers side by side, which gives you a little bit different view of them. But the journal page book conference, if you guys didn't hear about it was the very first conference by seller list, the software that we use to list all of our books. And so if you get a chance come out to their next conference, I think they're actually going to do a second one this year and Phoenix, I believe.

So if you get the opportunity to it's very much worth it, the ticket prices are not extremely expensive. And the best part about it is you get to network with people that understand what you do. If you sell books and you talk to anyone before about selling books, you realize real fast that people kind of get a glazed over look, because they don't understand what you do. So it's really nice to be able to be with other people that understand your business. And also you'll get so much value from figuring out what other people are doing, and how it can apply to your business. So check out turn the page book calm friends, but now let's get into the numbers. So weak alive and I listed 103 books, total value of $1,999 and 93 sense. A lot of nines in there, and an estimated profit of $956. So pretty good week, not too bad.

The profit is about where I want it to be. It was good week 12. And the other hand, they got 100 books, lower value 1700. And estimated profit was 715 says made profit is lower than I wanted to be on week 12. I still hit the hundred Mark exactly, just barely. But it's still a little lower than I would like it to be. Especially this point in the challenge. Revenue this far is 6579. The revenue number is not going up as high as I wanted it to jump up another 20% this week as I had hoped for it has stayed consistent for the last I believe it's 18 days in a row now, I haven't had a single day with less than $100 in sales from the hundred book challenge, which is really good. I was excited about that sales are staying consistent and even had days as high as 375 was the highest I've had so far in the past 1617 days. So it's still good. Some books just went active today. So I'm expecting today to be a little bit higher. I think I've already done around 200 and revenue today and some books just got listed and when active. So hopefully that number will jump to them tomorrow. And then another week from now probably repriced again, which hope to look at that number even higher, we have one more week left of the challenge. Technically speaking, we have six days left the challenge, but we're going to make it seven days do one full week and end of week 13 for the 90 day 100 book challenge. profit so far is $2,089. Now this is profit, not current cash flow.

So out of all the money spent cost of goods sold the books that have sold, this is the profit from there, which I believe right now is about 97% ROI, which is good this is where I want it to be cash flow is still positive. Profit is very good. And after next week, since we'll stop listing books for the hundred book challenge that is the profits is going to keep growing because there's no more spending going on towards those book you're not putting money back into the hundred book challenge might be listing books still after this. But as far as the hundred book challenge goes, I'm not spending any more money so my cost of goods is going to stay the same and then revenues and keep coming in. So its profit numbers going to keep climbing over the next six months all the way up to a year. So I'm happy with the number so far I wish the revenue was a little bit higher. And of course I wish the profit from or the estimated profit from the books was higher for week 12. But I've stayed with it.

I've stayed with 100 books read one more week. I'm definitely going to work hard this next week to get over 100 books finish out strong. And I'll fill you with a really detailed. Next week on will go through listing spreadsheet you got the listing spreadsheet will go through the tracking spreadsheet again, I'll show you all the numbers on a little more detail for the challenge. And then probably two weeks after that I'll do another hundred but challenge update joy where the numbers are and probably another one two weeks or so after that. So we can see how it's finishing out after books of stuff being listing what's being sold, I think so far. I sold somewhere close to 400 books and he's like 389 books that have been sold so far. So books are definitely selling I think last week 79 books are sold. So it's picking up pace, which is where I want it to be so hopefully your guys's challenge is going well also, hopefully you're getting your books listed finish out this next week strong. And let me know in the comments. If you have any questions about the numbers, I'd be happy to answer them. Have a good week scouting!

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