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Selling On Amazon

Week 1 - How to find and list 100 used books on Amazon

Hey everyone, welcome to the first recap video of the 100 book challenge. First video on this YouTube

channel. I'm going to be going in depth overall of first week, how many scans I did, how many books I

took home, what my accept rate was to hopefully help you guys improve your results or learn from my

mistakes, more likely, but I also want apologize for the quality of this video. All my video stuff I had left

in my car, which my wife just took the work for the whole rest of the day. So following videos will

hopefully be a better video quality. My mic will be here, so that won't be all fuzzy audio like this is. I'm

literally just propping my phone up on my phone stand on my desk recording this. But you guys can still

get the point. I can still get everything across to you.

But yeah, so here we go. Here's all the numbers. This is my week one review or view of the week, how

many books I got, how many sources I went to, scans, all that good stuff. So we'll jump right into it.

This first week started out rough. To be honest, the whole week did not go exactly as I had planned. The

amount of scans I did compared to the amount of books actually took home are not a normal, they're

way below normal. But let's just go right into it.

First Day. I wanted to start off the week well, so I went to what's normally my best source where I can

normally take away at least 30 books every single time I go there. I scan everything they had. There were

just 228 books and I walked out of the store with two books, which was disappointing. So I went to a

second store that same day. I scanned 638 books, somewhere I'd never gone to before so I wasn't sure

what to expect. I walked out of that store with two books as well. So I had to go to a third store. I

scanned 551 books and I came out with seven books. So total scans for the first day was about 1400.

1417 scans, to be exact. And I came away with 11 books, which makes my accept rate a little under 1%,

which is not where you want it to be if you're trying to get a hundred books a week. So I ended my day

there since I'd already been to three stores.

Day two, a little bit better in some ways. I scanned 499 books and I came away with seven. Now the

store had a lot more books than 499 and I was planning on scanning a lot more than that. But this little

OPM 2002, normally last two days on a charge. It happened to not last two days on the charge that day.

So I learned from that. I'll be charging that little thing every single night now. So I came out with seven

books. I started doing to read my phone for a little while. It took a really long time. I had to do some

more, so I had to leave. So learned my lesson, I'll be charging my scanner every single night now. But I

scanned some of the books there, came with seven.

Day three, I scanned 1030 books at a single location and came away with 17 books

Day four, I went to two different locations. First one I scan 572, came away with three books. Second

location again, scanned 578 books, came way with nine.

If you catch on these accept rates still are not very good. They're not what would be considered more of

a standard accept rate. They're very low.

But day six, scanned 796, better day, came away with 24 books that time.

And then day seven, the very last day of the challenge, went to two different places. One of them being

a sale, which wasn't a great best sale. There's not a ton of books and a lot of people that are scanning.

But I scanned 731 books, came away with 14, and then I went to another local thrift store, scanned 591

books and I came away with 11.

So the weekly totals for week one, I scanned a total of 7,062 books. Scroll down here a little bit and see

the rest of them. Came away with 103 books for week one, so it just barely broke that 100 book

threshold, but I did break it. Hit a hundred books week one. My average accept rate over the entire

week was 1.5%. After uploading all of them to Excel list and listing them on Amazon, the total valuation

was $2,511 estimated profit. That is if all the books that I listed sold and sold at the price that I originally

list for, which won't exactly happen. There'll be less than that. But the estimated profit number is

$1,271, which is a little higher actually than I was expecting, but right around where I want it to be. If we

want the total profit in that first year to be around $10,000 and we have 13 weeks to do this and we

know we're not going to sell every single book we list, we are going to want that profit to be somewhere

around a thousand dollars each week to give some wiggle room in there. So $1,200 estimate of profit is

good. Average list price a little higher than normal is $24.37. And then the average profit per book per

week one was $12.34.

So scanning didn't go great this week. The accept rate wasn't what I wanted it to be, but I hit my goal. I

hit 103 books. It was done. It was possible. I still did work this week. Everything else was normal. Just

had to work a little bit harder than I was planning to be able to get those hundred and three books. And

it's set up nicely for week two. I got week one accomplished, which, would have lowered my morale a

little bit I think if I couldn't get week one. But if you try to do it, you didn't get a hundred books like you

had planned, something went wrong. Maybe you had a really low accept rate too. Maybe your sources

didn't have as many books to scan. As long as you went out, as long as you're committed to it and

scanned and got those scans in, that's the most you can do.

The reason why I was tracking scan so much, because I want to know, scans are what I can hundred

percent have control. I can control how many books I scan. I can do things to try and increase my accept

rate. But ultimately, I can't decide how many profitable books are going to be at a source I go to. But

what I can control is how many books that I scanned a week. So I'm going to be tracking scans along with

accept rates. So I know of one week I scanned 7,000 books, like I did this week to come away with the

hundred books. Next week let's say I want to come back with 50 books but I scanned the same number

of books, I'm not going to be as hard on myself because I know I worked just as hard as I did that first

week. I just didn't happen to have as good of accept rates or the other way around. Maybe I'll stand

7,000 books next week and I'll come away with 200 books, which would be amazing. But that's why I'm

tracking my scan. So scans matter. I would track those personally. That's just my recommendation. It'll

help you judge how much effort you put in that week or what type of sources you're going to.

A second tip I have for you is, even though it's called the 100 Book Challenge, I said focus on scans, but

also focus on the profit you're bringing back from that week. Because ultimately the goal from this is to

bring home profit and that's why you're doing this. I doubt you're doing this because you just enjoy

going out and scanning books. If you do, that's great, but most likely you are doing this because you're

trying to make money on the side. You're trying to build a business. Maybe take this business full time

eventually. So profit matters more than the actual books that you're bringing in.

I would have been happy if I brought in 50 books this week and had the same exact profit evaluation

from those books because that's what my ultimate goal is. Not to get exactly a hundred books, a

hundred books are just to goal to keep you consistent. And so pay attention to the profit you're bringing

home each week from those books that you've listed.

So week two, a couple things that I'll be doing to try and increase my accept great a little bit, to try and

make that better. Number one, I'm going to be going to different sources and mixing up the sources of

course is good. Not hitting the same places you did last week unless they're putting out books that fast.

So I'm going to different sources. The number two things, something Caleb was talking to me about

yesterday was paying attention to the data on the phone for rejects.

Most the time just scan every time it was rejected, I'd keep scanning. Once it hit accept, then out evaluate,

see if I actually wanted to take the book. Triggers are a good reference point. They're good starting point,

but they're not going to tell you everything you need to know and they can't read into everything perfectly.

So towards the end of this week, every time I'm scanning, I'll keep an eye on the screen on every single scan and just real

quickly glance at the eScore, granted the lowest used merchant fulfilled and lowest prime offer that was

there, just to get an idea of what that's going for. And it did increase my accept rate a little bit. There

were a couple of books, I saw that I could actually take that were a reject initially. So that did help

increase it a little bit towards the end of the week.

Then the third thing is just becoming more efficient at it. I've scanned books in the past, like I told you

guys in that first video, I've been doing it off and on for about two years, but never as consistently as I

have for this week. and even in one week of doing this every day and scanning the 7,000 something

books that I scanned, I've become a lot more efficient with scanning, going to know what section is to go

to, how many books I'm able to scan through and the time it takes. This coming week I'll probably do a

little video showing how long it's actually taking me to get through, I don't know, maybe 500 books.

We'll do set a timer, see how long it's actually taking. And also another thing is as far as time it takes, it

also very much depends on the source. There's one source I went to that was amazing. Everything was

placed out perfectly. The sections were in order, the books were in order. It was super easy to go

through and take out the books and scan them.

Another store I went to literally just had books all stacked all over the place on top of each other and

you guys have probably been places like that, you know those are going to take a lot more time. You're

trying to take out one book and the whole stack falls over and you lose the spot your at. So you can't

judge everything based on the time it takes. But it is good to set goals for yourself and try and improve

your efficiency as you go along, while also still looking at that data on the screen and making sure you're

making correct choices as you're going through and scanning.

So thank you for listening to all of this, the week one update. Hopefully something about this helped

you. I hope you guys got a hundred books this first week and I hope you guys get a hundred books next

week. Let me know if you have any questions. Leave them in a book flip or community group. I'm on

there as well as Caleb is on there. Shoot us an email, anything like that, we'd be happy to help out in any

way we can. But yeah, thank you. And good luck scouting this week.

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